Capture the Magic of Autumn: What to wear for your Autumn Photo Shoot

Autumn Tips

As the vibrant hues of autumn paint our city in a breathtaking palette of golds, reds, and oranges, there’s no better time to gather your loved ones and capture those precious moments! It’s one of my most favourite time of the year for capturing cherished moments with family and pre-wedding portraits.

Ok I’ve booked my photographer but wait….what do I wear?!!

We’d like to suggest 3 main things to consider when choosing what you and the family wear to one of my autumnal sessions:



1) Comfort is key, and be yourself!

Don’t force yourself into a style that doesn’t scream “you” – you’ve got to feel fabulous! If you’re a jeans and jumper kind of gal, rock those jeans and jumpers! Don’t torture yourself in a dress just because you think you should. The goal is for you to feel comfortable and, most importantly, to feel your best! For men, wear what you’re most comfortable in. Personally, I’m a fan of t-shirts and jumpers for their cozy feel and how smoothly they photograph. But hey, if you’re a shirt kind of guy, go for it! Just remember, shirts tend to look their best when left untucked at the waist – it adds a relaxed touch to your style.


2) Choose Your Colour Palette

Embrace the warm, golden hues of autumn by selecting colors that complement the season’s natural beauty. Opt for shades like denim, olive, burgundy, red, deep green, grey, brown, and cream, as they harmonize perfectly with nature’s backdrop. To avoid excessive contrast in your photos, consider minimizing the use of black and opt for softer, muted tones instead. This will ensure that your photos capture the warm, inviting essence of autumn in all its glory.

Oh, and don’t forget about jackets and accessories – if you are doing a sunset session with me it might be chilly out there! Scarves and chunky knit hats not only keep you warm but add some serious style points too! The more coordinated you are, the more stunning your photos will turn out!


3) Blend in with nature.

Don’t clash with nature. Avoid super bright, unnatural colors that’ll distract from the beauty of the season. Opt for dusky pinks over neon ones, and keep patterns simple. Choose a base color (like denim and cream) and add a pop of accent color! let’s steer clear of big logos or lettering & Neon Colours. We want the focus to be on you!

Most importantly, have fun and feel comfortable! These sessions are quick and lively, but the photos could end up on your walls, so putting some thought into your outfits is totally worth it! And if you’re looking for a quick and fun option, why not consider autumn mini-sessions?

Let’s create memories together amidst the splendor of autumn – get in touch today to schedule your session and let the magic unfold!

With warm autumn wishes,


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